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Partners and Resellers

 Keys Six Sigma
Keys Six Sigma specializes in Six Sigma Deployment, strategy development, technology delivery and engineering and manufacturing experiences. Lead by Norm Fowler a former Senior Staff member of Xerox Corporation's Corporate Lean Six Sigma Office in charge of the DMAIC Green Belt program and the Design for Lean Six Sigma program.

Keys Six Sigma's new book "Lessons Learned from an Unconventional Design for Lean Six Sigma Deployment" is an excellent reference for anyone starting a DFSS deployment.



 Bird Company
Air Academy Associates is a provider of Six Sigma consulting and training services, e-learning solutions, public workshops, textbooks, training aids, and software for clients worldwide.




 Xonitek Logo
Founded in 1985, XONITEK Systems Corporation is a management and technologies consulting firm with a worldwide presence and a reputation for excelling in the optimization of business synchronization. With extensive, global experience in lean, six-sigma, finance, logistics, manufacturing and general business processes, our expert consultants work to assess and understand the specific needs of your enterprise.